The brand new people loue so you’re able to bee accounted men, albeit he could be couetous, unaware, and you may destitute of the many goodnes

The brand new people loue so you’re able to bee accounted men, albeit he could be couetous, unaware, and you may destitute of the many goodnes

beit vpon along side it of the identical mountaine standeth other quick towne populated having weauers needless to say cloth ; from whence it’s also possible to behold the fresh new riuer Subu towards the south, in addition to riuer Guarga toward north, of which riuers the new saide towne is actually flue miles distant. 116 Of your own towne off Tansor.

Their old towne try depending by Africans vpon the banke of the riuer Guarga

Ansor standeth vpon a little mountain, nearly 10 kilometers regarding Mergo, and you will containeth three hundreth family, but most fewe artificers. The brand new society are rude and you can barbarous some body, hauing neither vineyardes neither gardens, but onely exercise husbandry, and you will possessing variety regarding cattle. Which towne standeth about midde ways between Fez and you may install Gumera, and therefore (I thinke) is the affair, that the people are couetous and you will gap out-of humanitie.117 Of the towne off Agla.

The new fruitfull industries thereof was manured by Arabians: however the towne they selfe hath beene so wasted with warre, one nowe there is nothing getting seene however in a beneficial partners towns and cities the ruines regarding households & wals, & certaine pits. Regarding the suburbes there is euery weeke an excellent industry, wherunto the following Arabians vsually lodge; thereby do a bit of resellers off Fez likewise, so you’re able to buie oxe hides, wooll, and waxe, do you know the principall products of these lay. Hereabouts keepe great shop out of lions, but they are naturally so fearefull, that they will flee from the voice away from a good childe : and this commeth the brand new prouerbe The fresh new occasion very rife when you look at the Fez; Good lion off Agla: that they applie vnto” like a one since maketh great brags, that is but an effective meere dastard.113

Of your own palace off Narangia. He castle out-of Narangia situated of the Africans vpon a tiny hill not farre regarding the riuer Luccus, is nearly 10 kilometers distant of Ezaggen. They hath really fruitfull corn-sphere, however, zero plaines that belong vnto they. Along side riuers front side is huge deserts, for which grow high store out of wilde fresh fruit, particularly cherries, including the Italians name Ciriegie aquatic. This palace try shocked and sacked because of the Portugals about yeere of your Hegeira 895. that was about yeere your Lord, we

Of Island off Gesira

He Isle regarding Gesira120 sleeping maybe not farre on lips out-of the new riuer Luccus, is distant about water from the ten, and you will away from Fez throughout the an enthusiastic hundreth kilometers. There was in times past a small old towne vpon so it Area, that has been quit if the Portugals first made warre vpon Barbaric Towards saide riuer are many deserts, however, A go very fewe corn-industries. Throughout the yeere of your own Hegeira 894. 1L Portugals. the queen of Portugall delivered hither a armie, and this are landed for the Area, the newest generall of the community based a strong fort with that, of the meanes whereof he wished to get clear of new enimies inuasion, in order to enioy new industries adiacent.

B you t t h e k we letter g from Fez, n good m age l y his dad t h a good t *nowe reigneth, foreseeing t h elizabeth d an excellent yards a g age t h an effective t h elizabeth s h o you l-d age sustaine, in the event that he p age r m we t t elizabeth d t h e saide fort t o b e finished, leuied an effective mightie a roentgen meters i elizabeth so you’re able to w we t h s t a n d t h age P o roentgen t u grams good l s procedures. Howbeit, therefore g roentgen e a beneficial t is t h e force of the o r d we letter a n c e , t h an effective t t h age Moores d u roentgen s t not an effective p p r o c h in this t w o miles regarding t h elizabeth P o roentgen t u g good l campe. Wherefore t h e F elizabeth s s a letter king being good l meters o s t o u t from promise, is actually perswaded b y particular t h a t have been an effective b o u t h i m t o s t o p p elizabeth vp the brand new riuer with postes a n d raftes t w o kilometers out-of t h elizabeth Isle : which meters elizabeth a n age s t h e Moores getting defended, a letter d h an effective u we n grams reduce d o w letter age most of the t h age woodes adioining, t h e P o roentgen t u g good l s perceiued

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