Also reported in the filing that is actual the claim of ongoing harassment, both really and

Also reported in the filing that is actual the claim of ongoing harassment, both really and

Portions of this filing for Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation (WLCC) Board users, Raycen Raines, et. Al vs. Arlene Catches the Enemy (AKA Tammy Whalen), dated 23, 2014, include a list of the petitioners june.

Petitioners include Geneva Lone Hill, President, Wakpamni Lake Community ( federal federal government); President, Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation Debbie Blue Bird, Board Member, Wakpamni Lake Community ( government); Board Member, Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation Lanita Palmier, Board Member, Wakpamni Lake Community ( federal government); Board Member, Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation Wilma Standing Bear, Board Member, Wakpamni Lake Community ( federal federal government); Board Member, Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation Raycen Raines, Consultant; and Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation Sandy Two Lance, President, Wakpamni District ( federal government).

A request is included by the filing for relief by means of A Temporary Restraining Order/Injunction against Ms. Arlene Catches the Enemy (aka Tammy Whalen) of this Oglala Sioux Tribal Office of Economic Development. The goal of the restraining purchase is to avoid Catches the Enemy from making any additional false general general public responses or statements against any of the Petitioners, especially pertaining to their financial development tasks.

looking for a Temporary Injunction could be the first faltering step in finding a Permanent Injunction against Ms. Catches the Enemy. The law that is applicable a permanent injunction are available in OST legislation and Order Code, Chapter 2 Civil Court Section 20.24 – Preliminary Injunctions. Another area of the filing includes the statement being created for a claim of Tortious Interference of company, which does occur whenever false claims and accusations were created against a small business or a reputation that is individual’s purchase to drive company away. It really is a law that is common, inferred into many UCC codes by the court.

“Ms. Catches the Enemy’s false general public statements are instantly, notably and adversely impacting our company relationships. A number of our Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation lovers will be looking at withdrawing their investments. If this does occur the harm will be irreparable.”

The declaration further states that “The only revenue stream our community has is our personal development that is economic. If Ms. Catches the Enemy just isn’t stopped, each of our community income may disappear completely. Neither the Tribe nor the District have actually adequate resources to meet up our needs.”

Further to the filing is just a citation through the OST offense Code under Criminal Defamation, Section 564, which states “It shall be illegal to knowingly along with malicious intent communicate to virtually any individual orally or in composing any information what type knows or should be aware to be false and has a tendency to impeach the sincerity, integrity, virtue or trustworthiness of anyone, or which portrays or casts any individual in a false light. a harmful book is assumed to possess been harmful if no justifiable motive to make it really is shown by means of defense.” The WLCC thinks that Ms. Catches the Enemy’s false general general general public statements are notably damaging Mr. Raines reputation.

“This harm is causing him instant direct damage, and as a consequence harms us, our community and our firm as Mr. Raines is our community user and our corporation’s company consultant. These statements are now replicated on multilple web sites, the harm being triggered to their reputation and ours will likely be irreparable when it is maybe not stopped.”

Ms. Catches the Enemy’s “motive” with this constant campaign that is libelous according the WLCC, would be to protect her job by discrediting Mr. Raines and their community financial development endeavors.

Also advertised in the real filing is the claim of ongoing harassment, both really and skillfully by Catches the Enemy against Raines: “In 2011 the Tribe considered employing Mr. Raines and their company lovers to conduct financial development for OST in the place of Ms. Catches the Enemy’s OST workplace of Economic developing. Since that time, Ms. Catches the Enemy has pursued aggressive efforts to discredit Mr. Raines. Unfortunately her restricted comprehension of company along with her anxiety about innovative financial development some ideas have actually led to a number of extremely general general public false-statements that aren’t just libelous, these are typically actually and expertly harmful.” “We have actually held off filing such a thing against Ms. Catches the Enemy in past times in order to remain over the fray of nasty tribal biting that is back. Yet somehow another extremely general public extremely news that is false ended up being published a week ago in Al-Jazeera on June 18, 2014 centered on a few interviews with Ms. Catches the Enemy.”

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